New Production – Mr. Invisible

Mr. Invisible (2012)

We’re excited to announce our next production, “Mr. Invisible”. It’s a short film about an old man who lives alone and is ignored by society. Of course, that’s not the whole story, but it’s all we can say for now. It’ll be a collaboration with fellow production company Tin Monkey, and is set to be our most ambitious project yet.

Directed by BBL founder Greg Ash and produced by our friend Kieran O’Brien, it will feature the legendary actor Julian Glover (Star Wars, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade) in the main role. More details to follow soon.

We aim to go into production mid-January and are currently in the process of raising funding for the shoot. If you are interested in this great opportunity to invest in an exciting British film project, please write to our executive producer Matthew Adam (


Fired! Screening

Exclusive Screening - Tuesday 13th December

We’ve organised an exclusive screening of our next short film “Fired!” at the Hilton Courthouse on 13th December. It’s primarily for the cast, crew and investors. But we will have some seats left over, which we’re making available to our supporters for a £7.50 contribution to Big Bright Lights.

So if you’d like to be one of the first in the world to see this exciting new short, then please contact

Mr. Mzuza Trailer

We’ve just released the full length trailer for our award-winning short film Mr. Mzuza. We hope that you like it. Click on the link to watch in full HD.

Mr. Mzuza is now on the festival circuit, but if you would like to purchase a DVD please contact

Mr. Mzuza Wins at Oregon Film Awards

Mr. Mzuza Wins in Oregon

Mr. Mzuza has been awarded the Bronze Award at this year’s Oregon Film Awards. It’s great that a comedy from Brixton has been recognised over in the US. We’re still in contention at a number of other festivals, so we’re hoping there’ll be more good news to come. Believe.

Mr. Mzuza Online Premier

We’ll be screening Mr. Mzuza via a private online link this weekend to give people a chance to see it while it’s still in consideration at festivals. Log on to our Big Bright Lights facebook page for the password and link from tomorrow at midnight. It’ll be available for 24 hours.

Fired! Up

We’re working hard on the edit for Fired! We now have a colour grader on board, the very talented Tom Chandler. He’s going to make the film look even more colourful. As a little taster, here’s a shot of Dad discovering that Harry’s trying to replace him.

Fired! - Dad snoops around Harry's room

The Shivas To Soundtrack “Fired!”

Portland-based band The Shivas

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be featuring songs by talented, young American band The Shivas in our upcoming short film “Fired!” The director Greg stumbled across them while he was in Portland in the Summer and knew instantly it was the sound he was after for the film.

The Shivas’ new album will be released in the next month and we’re happy to have been able to fund some of it’s production through this collaboration. Here’s their brand new video for single “Gun In My Pocket” which we love…