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Mr. Invisible To Premiere At Palm Springs

Mr. Invisible (2013)

Mr. Invisible (2013)

We’re happy to announce that ‘Mr. Invisible’, the short which we produced in association with Tin Monkey will have it’s Worldwide Premiere at the Palm Springs Shortfest next week. The festival is one of the biggest in the world and we’re very excited be part of it. It will be a pleasure to start sharing it with audiences and we have high hopes that this will be the first of many in the film’s festival run.


‘Mr. Invisible’ – Coming Soon

‘Mr. Invisible’ – Coming Soon

After a year in post-production our short film ‘Mr. Invisible’ (which we produced with Tin Monkey Productions) has now been completed. It required a lot of visual effects work and also contains  a fantastic score by Mr. Nick Lloyd Webber. Thanks to everyone involved for their time and efforts, especially Prime Focus who were so helpful.

The film is in great shape and we’re very excited about it’s chances at the festivals this year. We’ll be doing a London screening in April, when Mr. Julian Glover has finished touring with his play.

Keep up to date with news via our facebook page.

Mr. Invisible Wrapped

Mr. Invisible - Coming Soon

We finished filming short film “Mr. Invisible” on Sunday night after what was a hugely enjoyable, but also very hectic, 4 day shoot. Thanks to our fantastic cast and crew though we got everything we wanted and more. It was a great privilege to work with Mr. Julian Glover, who despite being in his mid-70s was as as enthusiastic as anyone.

The shoot took place in both Aylesbury and London, which posed different sorts of challenges. A special highlight was the large set-piece on the final day in Bedford Square, which included coordinating 20 extras, and a dramatic action scene involving a police motorbike and a car.

Shooting the bulk of the film in a small town definitely worked in our favour. Special thanks to Comet Aylesbury, the Aylesbury Library and Tilbury’s Butchers for letting us use their spaces.

Mr. Invisible is a co-production between Big Bright Lights and Tin Monkey. It was directed by BBL’s Greg Ash, produced by Kieran O’Brien and written by Richard Sainsbury. It is expected to be completed by mid-2012 when it will then be exhibited at various film festivals around the world. Keep up to date with news via our facebook page.

New Production – Mr. Invisible

Mr. Invisible (2012)

We’re excited to announce our next production, “Mr. Invisible”. It’s a short film about an old man who lives alone and is ignored by society. Of course, that’s not the whole story, but it’s all we can say for now. It’ll be a collaboration with fellow production company Tin Monkey, and is set to be our most ambitious project yet.

Directed by BBL founder Greg Ash and produced by our friend Kieran O’Brien, it will feature the legendary actor Julian Glover (Star Wars, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade) in the main role. More details to follow soon.

We aim to go into production mid-January and are currently in the process of raising funding for the shoot. If you are interested in this great opportunity to invest in an exciting British film project, please write to our executive producer Matthew Adam (