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Fired! screened at the LA Comedy Festival

Greg and actor Vin Shambry at LA Comedy Festival

Greg recently flew to LA where ‘Fired!’ was screening as part of the LA Comedy Festival. It was one of 60 films selected from across the world, and we were proud to be part of one of the biggest comedy festivals in America. The film went down well with lots of fellow filmmakers saying they really enjoyed watching it.

We were also very excited to discover that ‘Fired!’ was nominated for the Best Foreign Short film at the festival. The results haven’t come through yet, but we’ve got our fingers crossed. This was the first festival we put the film into, and we are planning on taking it to a number of others throughout the forthcoming year.

Greg was down in LA with actor Vin Shambry, talking to people about their upcoming comedy series and BBL production ‘Super Chill’.


Fired! Screening

Exclusive Screening - Tuesday 13th December

We’ve organised an exclusive screening of our next short film “Fired!” at the Hilton Courthouse on 13th December. It’s primarily for the cast, crew and investors. But we will have some seats left over, which we’re making available to our supporters for a £7.50 contribution to Big Bright Lights.

So if you’d like to be one of the first in the world to see this exciting new short, then please contact

Fired! Up

We’re working hard on the edit for Fired! We now have a colour grader on board, the very talented Tom Chandler. He’s going to make the film look even more colourful. As a little taster, here’s a shot of Dad discovering that Harry’s trying to replace him.

Fired! - Dad snoops around Harry's room

The Shivas To Soundtrack “Fired!”

Portland-based band The Shivas

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be featuring songs by talented, young American band The Shivas in our upcoming short film “Fired!” The director Greg stumbled across them while he was in Portland in the Summer and knew instantly it was the sound he was after for the film.

The Shivas’ new album will be released in the next month and we’re happy to have been able to fund some of it’s production through this collaboration. Here’s their brand new video for single “Gun In My Pocket” which we love…

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

This poster was designed by Will Bryant. It’s the first in a series of posters he’s working on for our upcoming short film “Fired!” Greg met him over in Portland, and we’re excited to be building bridges across the Atlantic and working with this talented young man.

Editor is going strong on Fired! and we’re hoping to screen it in London sometime in October.

Fired! Storyboards

On ‘Fired!’ we had the help of very talented artist Kathryn Siveyer, who worked with Greg prior to the shoot to create these fantastic storyboards. They were useful blueprints for everyone in art department to the camera team to work from. It also meant the director Greg didn’t have to show off his terrible stick men drawings like he did for ‘Mr. Mzuza’.

This board maps out the early scene where Dad is fired by Harry…

Scene 2 - Dad Gets The Boot

And in this one Dad returns to the house to try to see his son. This is the scene featured in our teaser and you can see how close a lot of it is to the final version…

Scene 20 - The Smoking Gun

You can see more of Kathryn’s great work at her website. ‘Fired!’ is due to be ready for screening in the Autumn.

The Good, The Dad & The Ugly

Here’s the first teaser for our new short film “Fired!” Directed by Greg Ash, and starring James Hiller and Kieran O’Brien. We’re aiming to have it ready for screening in Autumn…